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Wether your product is reachable on a website, an app, or both, your users generate a huge amount of data while navigating on your solution. If well used, these data can help you understand the way your users behave on your website or application, and also help you to measure the performance of any traffic source that lead your potential customers to your website or application. BORYL has been created to make sure that companies, more precisely startups, use efficiently their data, in order to make proven data driven decisions.

Why is BORYL focusing on startups?

BORYL has been created by two young data passionated entrepreneurs, looking for great challenges in a fast paced environment. Startups usually offer great challenges and are constantly evolving. Moreover, startups are a very a interesting target because their profile can differ a lot. Super early stage startups are very price sensitive, with a very unstable scope, whereas more advanced startups are usually financially more stable, with a more defined scope and vision.

Why Should startups use their data?

There are many reasons why startups should rely on their data. The first one is that data do not lie. If a startup is correctly collecting their data so they can analyze reliable information, then this is a huge advantage for making data driven decisions. By Analyzing data, you can clearly understand what is working, what is not, and what needs to be done. Second, if the data collection process is efficiently set up, then startups will gain a lot of time in the future regarding the management of the data.

Moreover,a big part of Web Analytics is the display of the data. Today, data are displayed in many different tools. We are now able to aggregate all the data in one place, which will help startups access all the data they need in a unique place. This is a huge time saver, since the number of tools collecting data is huge.

To sum up, web analytics will help startups on two major aspect. The first one is the accuracy it will bring to your decision making process. Data doesn’t lie. Making data driven decisions will save you time and money. Second, Web Analytics, if well integrated, will make you gain a huge amount of time, by facilitating the technical management of the whole analytics set up, but also thanks to the possibility to visualize your KPIs in one and only dashboard.



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