17/12/2017 by Eric Debourg

Google Tag Manager click listener and associated triggers

In our previous article, we’ve had an overview of Google Tag Manager, and a quick view on all available triggers. Let’s have a more precise look on one of these triggers: the click trigger, an easy way to track clicks on some events. 2 different triggers type Google Tag Manager offers us 2 types of click triggers as mentioned in...
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03/12/2017 by Eric Debourg

Introduction to GTM triggers

Using a Tag Manager is a good thing, but taking all the benefits from it is a better one. After our quick Introduction to Google Tag Manager, we will speak today about the Google Tag Manager triggers. As a reminder, a trigger defines when and where a tag will be executed on your website, based on several conditions. There are...
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26/11/2017 by Eric Debourg

Introduction to Google Tag Manager (GTM)

As Google Analytics was live for already 7 years, Google launched in 2012 a new tool, Google Tag Manager, to make the tag management on websites more simple. Many people think that Google Tag Manager is quite similar to Google Analytics, but it is not. We will see there what exactly is Google Tag Manager, what it should be used...
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