12/03/2018 by Thomas Belhamri

Top 5 reasons why startups should be data driven

Last time, we talked to you about why, at Boryl, we are focusing on startups. Today, we're giving you the 5 best reasons why Startups should be data driven. Web Analytics gives startups visibility by collecting and displaying trustful data. Here are the 5 best ways (on our opinion) to use the data in order to make a difference. "War...
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22/01/2018 by Thomas Belhamri

Boryl, Startups, & Data-driven decisions

Wether your product is reachable on a website, an app, or both, your users generate a huge amount of data while navigating on your solution. If well used, these data can help you understand the way your users behave on your website or application, and also help you to measure the performance of any traffic source that lead your potential...
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