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Our Boryl experts join your team to help you leverage your data and grow your business. Kpis definition, data collection, data aggregation, data visualization, thanks to our global knowledge, we help you boost your growth.


Boryl assists you on any dimension of your analytics environement. Need help on a specific project, an audit of your analytics setup or a full analytics implementation? Contact us now!

  • KPI Definition

  • Data Collection

  • Data Visualisation

  • Training

KPI Definition

Our Boryl experts help you target the main objectives and goals of your website or application

  • Objectives and goals definition
  • Building of the KPIs that will measure the performance of your objectives

Data Collection

Our Boryl experts help you collect all the needed data to calculate your KPIs

  • Integration and setup (variables and triggers) of Google Tag Manager
  • Integration and setup of analytics tools (Google Analytics, Mixpanel, etc)
  • Creation and integration of your project related tracking plan
  • Media pixels and tags integration

Data Visualisation

Our Boryl experts help you aggregate and visualize all your data and KPIs in a unique dashboard/report

  • Data Aggregation (Media, Analytics, CRM, Payment)
  • Display of all your KPIs in a unique dashboard. Access easily to all your main figures
  • Report automation. Don't waste your time consolidating all your reports
  • Report access management. Give to your team a direct access to the data that matters to them.


Our Boryl experts assist your team on the use of the most known analytics tools and best practices

  • Training on the most known analytics tools (GTM, GA, Mixpanel, etc)
  • Training on the data collection process (event creation and integration)
  • Training on the best data aggregation tools (Supermetrics, Funnel, etc)
  • Training on the best data vizualisation tools (Google data studio, Tableau, Google Sheet, etc)

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Dope your growth

Dope your growth

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Optimize your expenses

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Save a precious time


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Access to reliable and trustful data

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